Welcome to the ‘Colour Kidz’ Preschool


Pre-Nursery is the first step that your child will take towards learning and to ensure that this step is strong we use the most innovative and creative teaching techniques. At Colour Kidz, we make this a joyful activity for your kid where learning is made as playful as a child’s true nature at this stage. Careful attention is paid at developing the child’s sensory functions, speech and to bring about an overall awareness of their surroundings.


A big step in improving your child’s learning abilities, Nursery classes are fundamental for preparing your child to enter the Kindergarten. It becomes imperative to hone their fine motor skills further at this point to be able to process higher learning better.Highly Effective methods of teaching at Colour Kidz ensure that your child takes an aware and confident step ahead.

Junior KG

Junior KG is an important point in a child’s life. The advanced teaching techniques at Colour Kidz are designed to improve your child’s learning and retention abilities. Extensive and enterprising methods of learning are applied at this stage to improve the grasping power of the young fertile minds.

Senior KG

Senior KG is the final step your child will take to prepare for all the future years of formal school education. At this stage is important to nurture the cognitive and mental retention abilities of your child. At Colour Kidz, every child is ensured a unique advantage with the advanced curriculum and we make sure that your child is set to take the leap with a brighter and stimulated mind.

Why Colour Kidz

Colour Kidz is a unique nurturing and development center for kids. Your child is introduced to the advanced and innovative High Scope Methodology. Using this effective technique your child will be able to develop strong comprehension and retention skills which will prove to be advantageous when they enter the highly competitive world of school education.

The inventive High Scope Play Way Methodology used at Colour Kidz helps your child to improve their mental abilities through truly credible experience-based techniques. This method makes the learning process fun and interesting thus encouraging your child to gain knowledge by stimulating their natural curiosity.

Colour Kidz ensures that every child’s first step into a life full of knowledge is driven through global standards of pre-school education. This in turn, assures the kid of a confident and successful school life.

Make the right choice when laying the foundation of learning for your child with Colour Kidz Pre-School.

Classroom Facilities


The Pre-Nursery and Nursery years of your child are filled with efficient learning activities that help develop their basic reading, writing and comprehension skills. The curriculum is designed to ensure that your kid’s sensory and motor skills are developed simultaneously in a friendly and comfortable atmosphere.

The Junior KG and Senior KG years in a child’s life are of utmost importance for the cognitive growth as well as personality building of the child. Colour Kidz not only focuses on preparing your child for the coming years of formal school education but also at inculcating qualities for personnel / emotional / social development.


As a child is constantly in a learning mode since around a year after birth, it is vital to expose them to the best learning and teaching.

At Colour Kidz, a large and diverse plan is prepared to help each child to develop and enhance his or her personal interest and talents.

Learning activities, team exercises, games, performances, concerts and celebrations of special days at Colour Kidz keep your child engaged. Outdoor/indoor and team activities are an integral part of our curriculum at Colour Kidz.


Your child is eager to learn and know new things in their initial years. Hence it is necessary to provide them with an ideal atmosphere for their intellectual and personal growth.

At Colour Kidz, the focus is not only on conventional education but also on personal nurturing and development of each child. We use the latest technology to provide your child an all-inclusive and conducive learning environment.

Colour Kidz focuses on the motor skill, sensory personal social and emotional development of the child using various advanced and proven methods. Daily outdoor activities, yoga, and frequent celebrations of special days, such as Mother’s Day, Earth Day, etc help to turn your child into a responsible and socially active individual.

Our Rooms & Classes

At Colour Kidz, our school campus is designed with a focus at providing the most ideal atmosphere for children to learn. Each and every aspect of our classroom, activity areas and the entire campus have been built to make the place interesting and comfortable at the same time.

Each class has been themed basis colour and the play areas has been interestingly designed to engage the child completely for the time they spend at school. Spacious and airy classrooms make for a comfortable environment as well.


Learning through

Junior KG

Advanced learning and skill development


Learning via enhanced

Senior KG

Strengthening the child’s learning skills and building confidence.

Your Children

A fun and comfortable environment is most successful for bringing out the best in a child. At Colour Kidz we have highly trained professional teachers with an intensely trained support staff to ensure that each child is taken care of in the best possible way.

At Colour Kidz, your child is provided with comfort and care which are vital for their ideal overall development. From spacious classroom to comprehensive security features, Colour Kidz is the complete center for nurturing your child.

Some unique features that make Colour Kidz the best choice for your kids:

  • Daily class-wise curriculum
  • Advanced Audio/Visual learning aids
  • Team-building and leadership activities
  • Personal, social and emotional development skills
  • Intense focus on child healthcare through regular medical/dental checkups


Colour Kidz is focused heavily on child security is all aspects. We have an integrated CCTV system to ensure that your child is safe and secure within the classes and anywhere on the campus.

Highly trained teachers and experienced in handling any type of emergency which may arise in the pre-school.


A happy, colourful and attractive environment has been created at Colour Kidz to ensure that the child feels delighted while learning.

Using various interactive activities and programs our teachers ensure that your child becomes an integral part of the classroom. Team-building exercises help students engage with each other to establish a friendly and happy environment to learn.


Colour Kidz is uniquely advantageous with its innovative and extensive High Scope Method for teaching, which also incorporated the efficient Montessori and Play Way method of teaching effectively.

Your child is ensured the best quality of education for their overall development. From learning to read and write and to strengthen their social skills, Colour Kidz focuses on improving the special talents of each child.

Your childs education and wellfare are our main priorities