Wholesaling Real Estate – Is It Really That Easy and Profitable?

I have had countless people ask me why on earth I would waste my time making real estate investing courses if I was doing so well as a real estate investor. Believe me it has nothing to do with the money. I could make 10 times more money by just sticking to what I am good at, which is real estate investing. The truth is that I have always truly enjoyed teaching other people about things that I know how to do. There are truly only a couple of things in the world that I am good at and they happen to be selling real estate, investing in real estate and helping other people to get started as investors.

I would bet a vast majority of you would want to do the same thing if you saw just how awesome real estate wholesaling truly is. Real estate wholesaling has huge so many huge advantages over the traditional forms of real estate investing. I had never heard of real estate wholesaling up until a few years ago, after hearing about how easy it was I must admit I was a bit skeptical. You know the old saying “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is”, that is exactly what I thought of real estate wholesaling at first.

How on earth could someone make that much money without the need for cash or credit? The main reasons that people are interested in real estate investing is the large profit potential. This high profit is achieved because of the large numbers that investors deal with. Think for a minute, a 10% profit on a $200,000 home is $20,000. As a real estate wholesaler you simply need to find a motivated seller who will sell at 70% of the fair market value. Then find an investor or retail buyer who will pay 80% of fair market value (which is still a great deal).

With traditional forms of investing you would have to buy the home for 70% of value, then sell the home for 80% of value. The problem with the traditional method is you need to have money to buy the the home in the first place. To get money to buy the home you need credit and usually a down payment. This leaves many people stuck dead in their tracks. Not real estate wholesalers though.

A real estate wholesaler knows that you don’t need to buy the home, you just need to put the home under contract. Once you have the home under contract (purchase agreement), you simply sell the contract to the end buyer. Instead of selling homes, wholesalers sell contracts. The great part is you do not need financing or credit to get a home under contract. Can you see how easy real estate wholesaling is? You sell contracts instead of homes, it is as simple as that.. The Atelier

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