Which Composite Door Will Suit Your Home?

Home is where the heart is and that would explain why we put so much love, care, pride, attention and money into renovating, sprucing up and maintaining them, both on the exterior and the interior. Choosing paint colours, wallpaper, curtain materials and furniture can become a full time hobby for homeowners and we often won’t settle for anything less than perfection, even if it means spending more but getting something less practical.

This is the case for all those who still insist on buying wooden front doors, which still hold the caveat of being traditional and fitting in nicely with the surroundings of a traditional or expensive home and yet these doors require huge amounts of maintenance and do not perform well when it comes to fire safety, home security and energy efficiency. Luckily most people have learned that a UPVC door has very few benefits short of requiring little to no maintenance during their lifetime.

What more and more people are realising is that in order to maximise fire safety, home security and energy efficiency and at the same time pick a door that suits your home, it’s the composite door that comes out on top and doesn’t break the bank. A composite door will fit with any home because they are finished in numerous different ways to make sure there’s no excuse to buy a wooden door purely on the basis of aesthetics.

A composite door can be finished in any colour and with a high gloss or matte glass reinforced plastic coating for those homes which want a modern twist and a statement front door. For the traditionalists amongst you composite doors are available with a wood effect finish which is not unconvincing as you might imagine but in fact quite the opposite, those who don’t know will not be able to tell. This wood effect is available in any colour you like or just in a plain wood finish, whatever you think will suit your home best.

Composite front doors are also available with bespoke glazing which can add personality and a touch of colour to an otherwise plain door. Glazed doors can be traditional or modern, with almost any design you wish, from a country flag to spring flowers. And they can also be a great way to let light into the hallway of your home and opening up the space. Whatever front door you think will suit your home, there will be a composite door that fits the bill.

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