What to Look For in a Night Light For Kids

Night lights can be a great way to keep your children safe at night or even help them settle down after a long day of play. But with so many options, it can be hard to choose which one is right for your family.

It’s not uncommon for kids to be afraid of the dark, but a good night light is a great way to help them overcome their fear and get some rest. But, if your child is in a lot of distress and is having trouble getting to sleep, it’s best to talk to a pediatrician or psychologist to see if sleep hygiene is an issue that needs to be addressed.

There are a wide variety of night lights for kids on the market, some of which offer a variety of features including star projectors, sound machines, automatic dimmers and more. Some also come in different shapes like animals and molded in the likeness of popular cartoon characters, making them a fun addition to any room.

A night light that is bright can be disruptive to sleep, so it’s important to find a dim night light for kids. Typically, red- and amber-hued night lights are the best for helping your child fall asleep because they do not affect their circadian rhythm.

If your child has a strong fear of the dark, a night light that is not bright enough will only increase their anxiety and make it harder for them to fall asleep. This is especially true when you take away their old night light and introduce a new one.

The best night lights are the ones that your child will love and be comfortable with. They should have a simple design, easy-to-use controls, and be in colors that your child likes.

Look for a night light that is made of durable material and is designed to last for many years. It’s important to pick a night light that is able to withstand the wear and tear that children often put it through.

Choose a night light that is not too bright and that doesn’t give off any flashes. Some night lights do emit flashes, but they can be distracting to your child. You may also want to buy a night light that has a timer feature so you can set it to automatically turn off after a certain period of time.

Avoid night lights that have a red, green or yellow hue because they can actually be detrimental to your child’s sleeping habits and sleep rhythm. If you have a child with a strong fear of the dark, this is not the best option because it can confuse your child’s sense of when it’s dark and when it’s not.

It is also not advisable to place your child’s night light directly over their head because they can accidentally hurt themselves or others with it. This is particularly true if you have a baby that can get confused by lights in the room, so be sure to place it at least a few feet away from your child’s head.

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