What Is Thermal Grease?

If you are into PC building, you have probably heard about Thermal Grease, which is a crucial part of the CPU cooling process. But what exactly is it?

Thermal Grease is a type of thermal interface material (TIM) that helps transfer heat from a hot processor to a cooler or air flow. It is typically a mixture of thermally conductive fillers such as silicon dioxide, aluminium oxide and boron nitride suspended in a carrier fluid such as silicone oil or water. The carrier fluid is used to reduce the risk of shorting out the electronics due to electrical conductivity.

There are a few types of Thermal Grease available in the market, including ceramic-based and metal-based greases. The latter contains silver or copper particles to help improve the conductivity of the grease. Both of these require more care when using as a single drop of the wrong kind of paste can cause damage to the motherboard and CPU.

While applying Thermal Paste, make sure that the application is uniform and a thin layer. This is important for the best thermal performance. Use a flat tool like a postcard, a piece of paper or plastic, or even a credit card to spread the paste. Avoid using your fingers, as they can contain oils that may negatively impact the paste’s performance.

A moderately viscous compound with good stability during application and excellent clean-up. It is easy to apply, spread evenly and resists drips and runs. A very popular choice among system builders.Ps4 thermal Paste

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