What Is an Introduction Agency?

An Introduction Agency is an organisation that helps put care-seekers in touch with self employed Nurses and Carers. Some are regulated by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) whilst others are not, depending on their business model and the services they offer. They do not play an ongoing role in the planning and delivery of care.

Many of these agencies are based online, which makes them more technology driven than their high street counterparts. They can also be more price competitive, particularly for those who are willing to take a risk with a non regulated model.

However, the level of service and quality can vary greatly. It is important to check their track record and whether they are regulated, but even more importantly, to understand what their processes and systems are in place to ensure that they meet the CQC’s requirements for a ‘Managed Agency’.

A number of people have told The Irish Examiner that they paid a fee to an agency and were promised five introductions, but only received one. One woman said she went on a date with a man who had been convicted of violent assault and the agency had not checked him before placing him with her. In this case, the agency allegedly failed to fulfil its legal obligations to protect clients by checking criminal convictions. Introduction Agency

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