Understanding The Features That Your CNC Turning Machine Should Have

For those that have been operating their plants and businesses manually all these while, perhaps a rethink is required in terms of manufacturing strategy for their businesses. Instead of relying completely on manual labor and manpower to produce your goods, why not invest in a CNC turning machine instead to help you with your cutting, drilling and milling operations? In addition to the ability to produce highly precise and accurate end products, these machines would also help you extensively in reducing wastage and increasing your productivity rate. You could also reduce the errors that are usually made by human labor, and instead rely more on your machine to produce the goods that you need.

If you are interested in investing in a useful CNC turning machine for the benefit of your business, you should first and foremost understand the basic features that your device should have. Let us look at some of the more useful features that your CNC-based turning device should possess in order to help you achieve higher productivity rates without compromising on quality:

  1. Your machine usually comes in two different forms – the forms are usually generalized based on the positioning of the cutting tool (either horizontal or vertical). The cutting tool is also known as the spindle, and you could obtain a machine that cuts horizontally, vertically or one that can perform both actions (usually a more complex turning machine)
  2. The tooling can be replaced if required – the machines are usually built to last for a long time, and they require regular maintenance to ensure that they work well at all time. The cutting tools are generally replaceable, thus you would be able to utilize your machine for a longer time period and only change what is required when needed
  3. CNC turning machines are controlled by a software control system – due to this, you would need your operator to be proficient in working with the related software in order to understand how to work the machine properly. CAD/CAM software are not too difficult to understand, though it may seem a little complicated at first if you are not familiar with the system. If you want your operator to master the software, you must ensure that your operator understands and masters the fundamentals of both CAD and CAM programming languages
  4. Good chip management – ensure that the machine that you obtain can manage its chip well and does not require extra cleanup actions that may be costly. Most CNC turning machines nowadays come with fully enclosed chip management modules that are attached to the main body of the machine, thus this should not be too big an issue for you
  5. The size of the machine that you are planning to get would depend on the size of components that you are planning to fabricate – keep in mind that there are plenty of sizes to choose from when we speak of CNC turning machines, thus choose well in accordance to the size of end products that you are planning to manufacture


The features above need to be understood and considered before you purchase any machine to complement your current plant operations. All the best.. precision cnc turned components

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