The Popularity of De Majo Lighting

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Lighting up your home in an effective way can brighten up the mood and make a cheerful looking house that you would want to return to. The modern lighting solutions available these days can add color and elegance to an otherwise boring room and make it look inviting. They also come in a variety of colors,Guest Posting shapes, sizes and materials to satisfy everybody’s tastes. Lighting can breathe new life into an environment and is a very important home décor for both indoors and outdoors. To satisfy these requirements, a variety of designer lights are available to choose from and  De Majo lighting is one of the oldest names on the list.

‘Vetreria de Majo’, a glass factory was established in 1947 right after the Second World War by Guido de Majo in Italy. It continued with the glassmaking, till in the 1960’s, it decided to seriously go in for designing these glassworks. Young designers were hired to produce lighting and lighting accessories that are enchanting and could easily double up as works of art. De Mojo lighting grew more and more popular as they were creating an ideal mix of both traditional and contemporary designs that maintain high standards of production. Their most famous product remains the Venetian chandeliers while they also produce innovative and creative lighting designs. Each piece of lighting is signed by the company and comes with a certificate of authenticity.

About the designs

One of the popular designs from the De Majo lighting is the Belleglorie. These lamps are made from hand-crafted glass while the shades are of chromed metal fitting. Designed by Oriano Favaretto Belleglorie is characterized by a calla flower shape and is available in various formats such as floor lamp, ceiling lamp, hanging lamp, wall lamp and table lamp. De Majo Perlage is another popular line of designs. Inspired by various shapes such as cube, sphere or other natural shapes this line is also designed by Oriano Favaretto. Perlage is a combination of blown glass lamps and white colored metal and steel fittings.

The other popular line by Oriano Favaretto is De Majo – Poli Po. This line uses lamps with satin finish glass with flexible fitting in chrome metal. It is available in more than 10 colors and in various forms like wall lamp, ceiling lamp, floor lamp, or table lamp. The other designs which have been newly added to their line are De Majo Oxygene and De Majo Peroni. childrens night night

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