The Breakdown: Differences Between Entrance Mats and Runners

 Entrance runner mats are used to complement the office or building through its design and function. Using entrance runner mats on your entrance or hall way is a great idea to protect your flooring especially if it is made from hardwood, marble or tiles. Entrance runners resemble small carpets but are longer in shape.

Runner mats are available in different sizes and styles. You do not have to buy a matching one for your interiors. Entrance runner mats are best in complementing the existing décor you have. Although some offices prefer to get their runner commercial entrance mats customized or personalized.

Compared to entrance mats, entrance runner mats are more elegant to look at because of its length. It feels like you are walking on red carpet when you step on entrance runner mats. Runner entrance floor mats will surely add beauty, class and elegance to your office without spending a fortune.

No need to worry if your office has a traditional or modern interior, there are entrance runner mats that will exude the right atmosphere for your guests. Entrance runner mats are great mood changers and will enhance your office décor in an affordable way.

With everyone getting concerned about appearance and functionality, mat manufacturers are producing mats in different designs. But if you want unique entrance runner mats in your home, you can pick from international ones.

One of the popular international entrance runner mats are oriental ones. These entrance runner mats are hand woven to ensure quality and effectiveness in trapping dirt. International entrance runner mats are more expensive than the ones locally made.

The best places to order entrance runner mats from online retailers.  Most online stores have large product selections, color samples, and affordable prices.  Entrance runner mats from these places are originally hand woven. Buyers should note, however, that if the material is made from nylon or polypropylene then it is not an original oriental runner.  Eco-friendly mats are also becoming very popular products for these online stores.

Entrance runner mats are very popular in various offices because of their flexibility. They can be easily moved from one area to another and will not require much space. Of course, you must make sure that the design of the entrance runner mats will fit the area you are transferring it.

Entrance runner mats give color and a luxurious feel to any office. With its longer length, you will feel like royalty walking from one end to another—that is if the runner is placed in a long hallway. Entrance floor mats will not give you this feel.

Entrance runner mats can be placed at the entrance or hallway. Compared to entrance floor mats, you will have more options in using your entrance runner mats. Entrance floor mats have a welcoming effect on your doorway while entrance runner mats create a mood inside your office. In addition, entrance runner mats can bring life to a dull room with the right color and material.

If you have rugs in your office now that you believe is not doing you any good, it is time to replace them with entrance runner mats. You will get value for your money plus receive compliments from visitors. At the end of the day, you will feel glad investing on entrance runners that make your office more safe and beautiful. vintage turkish rugs

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