The Best Milk Storage Bags

The best milk storage bags won’t leak and leave you with a big mess to clean up. They’re typically pre-sterilized, designed to work well in the freezer and fridge, and have features like a pour spout or easy-to-seal zipper that make it easier to transfer your milk from bag to bottle. They may also have ounce markings to help you accurately measure your milk, and most are designed to lie flat in the freezer for space-saving storage.

Some moms go through a lot of milk, so they need storage bags that can accommodate a large amount. These bags from Lansinoh do just that, and they’re a top pick for many moms thanks to their sturdy design. They’re made to protect your milk with double-sealed seams and a double-zipper lock, and they lay flat in the freezer for efficient storage.

Another great option is these reusable silicone bags from Motif Medical. They’re larger than others on this list, allowing them to hold up to 10 ounces of milk. Women say they’re durable, leak-proof, and even thaw faster than other options. They don’t have a spout for pumping directly into, but they’re less expensive than some silicone bags and can still be used for other purposes after breast milk is no longer needed.

Target’s exclusive up & up brand offers the most affordable milk storage bags on this list, but that doesn’t mean they’re low quality. These bags are thick and durable, with a double-zipper lock and label tab to help you keep track of your stash. They also thaw quickly in the fridge or microwave, and they can be frozen flat for space-saving storage. best milk storage bags

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