The Best Curly Hair Salons in Melbourne

Finding the right hairdresser is a difficult quest as it is, but when you have curly, wavy or textured locks, the challenge can be even greater. Those with curls often spend years barber-hopping and salon-sampling or endure innumerable smile-through-the-tears moments as new hairdressers try to understand their unruly kinks, coils and swirls.

Thankfully, there are a handful of amazing stylists in Melbourne who understand curls and know how to make them shine. From the Deva cut to dry haircutting, these stylists offer the skills and products that your curls need.

Mousey Brown is a Deva certified stylist and the founder of a popular curly blog. Her salon has a specialised curly menu that includes curl consultations, co-washes and styling. Her ethos is “minimum fuss, maximum impact.”

Haylo Hair is a specialised curly salon with a team of stylists who specialise in cutting curls. Their ethos is “curls are our passion.” The salon also provides a Curly Coaching service, where you learn how to style your own curls.

Neel Loves Curls is a boutique salon in Richmond, which prides itself on being a safe haven for curls. The salon has a dedicated Curly Specialist, who teaches clients how to love their curls with manageable routines that run in line with the Curly Girl Method.

Danika specialises in wavy and textured hair. She stocks a range of organic and Australian made hair care products that are curl-friendly and educates clients on how to keep their curls healthy at home. She is known for her attention to detail and personalised service. curly hair salon melbourne

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