The Basics of Poker

Poker is a game where players bet chips and, depending on the situation, may also place side-pots. These side-pots are typically split among players who raise in a hand. If a player wants to leave the table for a smoke / bathroom / food break, or any other reason, they must leave their chips where they are and not move them around. Failure to do so can result in a time out (which can be costly in a tournament). Repeated offenses can lead to being asked or forced to leave the casino.

The first thing a new player to a casino poker game should do is sign up on the queue or list for their desired game. Almost every casino poker room has a podium with a list on it or video monitors that show the available games and who is sitting where. Once a seat is open, a dealer will let the player know where to sit.

While the rules of a casino poker game can be confusing, the basics are fairly straightforward. One big mistake that many newcomers make is forgetting to wait their turn and acting out of turn. These mistakes, particularly when done in a live environment, can be very costly for the new player.

Players can also make mistakes by not properly stacking their chips. They should keep their stacks a uniform height of 10 or 20 chips, all the same color, with the high denomination stack in front. This makes it much easier for another player to extimate your total. m98bet

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