Tamper Evident Bags: 5 Things You Don’t Want Missing

What is a tamper evident bag?

For those of us who are not restaurant owners, banking professionals, or armored car guards tamper evident security bags may not have much meaning. However they are used every day, multiple times a day, by almost every organization responsible for the safety and security of their cash and valuables in transit to the bank.

Back in the old days, banks and armed professionals would transport cash and valuables using some form of a cloth cash security bag. Imagine an old school western film where robbers loot a train and throw cloth sacks on their horse and ride into the sunset. These bags, although sturdy, had their limitations in providing safeguards to the valuables in transit.

As criminal technology advanced so did the safeguards used to expose them. This is where single use plastic tamper evident security bags came into being. They come in various sizes, colors, thickness, design, and manufactures. But a majority of these security bags are very similar and offer comparable tamper-evident features that are proven to be effective and reliable.

Cash security bags are tamper evident bags which incorporate a number of special safety features which allow users to detect when the security bag has been opened or otherwise tampered with. There are different levels of security for tamper evident bags depending on the purpose they are to be used for.

Basic and mid-level security bags are designed for cash transfers from a cashier at the end of their shift to a manager’s office or office safe. High-level security bags are used for third-party pick up, such as when a courier service delivers cash or valuables from a business to a secure location.

Although these cash security bags offer a variety of features, there are a few which should always be present to provide the necessary protection for your business and your valuables. Let’s review the five most common and arguably the most important features to keep your valuables safe..

“VOID” Tamper-Evident Seal

A clearly evident, and important feature a cash security bag should have is a “VOID” tamper-evident seal. Once sealed any attempt to open the security bag through the closure will result in a very evident marker such as “VOID”, “OPENED”, or “TAMPERED WITH”. There is no clear set standard for these adhesives however anything resembling “VOID” will provide the necessary safeguard to prevent tampering.

An even more advanced tamper evident seal is called a thermocromatic seal. One advanced technique criminals use to tamper with these bags is to freeze or melt the glue and reseal it once the contents have been removed. When a thermocromatic tape is present and this method is used, the seal will become distorted or change colors clearly showing it has been tampered with.

Bar Coding and Sequential Numbering

Another feature which should always be present on a tamper evident bag is a bar code with sequential numbering. These features allow for efficient tracking of the security bag in transit. The bar code and number should be present no less than twice. Once on the bag and once on a writable tear off receipt.

For every cash in transit system a “give and get” receipt policy should be strictly enforced and adhered too. This is especially easy with a tamper evident bag. Should the numbers or bar code not match, the security bag should not be accepted and should be reported immediately.

Tear Off Receipt

By having a tear off receipt there is a paper trail associated with each transaction. This receipt allows you to record proper amounts, dates, and parties involved. This feature ensures that records are properly recorded and referenced in order to prevent any questions about tampering.

Top and Bottom Fold Over Construction

There should be one place and one place only where the bag is opened once sealed, along the bottom of the bag, usually along a dotted line that says “cut here”. Mind numbingly simplistic you’d think, however those instructions serve a great purpose. To open the bag anywhere else could be mistaken for tampering. The fold over construction eliminates the possibility of a thief cutting the bag without being noticed.

Tamper Evident Graphics on Front, Back, and Sides

This is a newer feature which is gaining popularity among cash security bag users. Specialty printing such as webbing or grids are printed on the bag so that if there is any tampering such as cuts or stretching, it is almost impossible to match the lines back up, thereby showcasing the tampering. These specialized graphics ensure the contents have been uncompromised from pickup to delivery and ensures the integrity of all involved.. Michael Kors tote

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