Steady Capital Solutions – Funding For Businesses to Meet Cash Flow Needs

Steady Capital Solutions provides funding for business to meet cash flow needs. They offer a variety of solutions such as working capital loans, line of credit, and invoice financing. They serve a variety of industries including healthcare, technology, and e-commerce. Their loan application process is quick and easy.

Whether you are starting a new company or have been operating your business for years, working capital is important. Having the right amount of cash in reserve can help you weather rough patches, grow faster than competitors, and take advantage of opportunities that arise. It also helps you bridge the gap between sales and cash inflows.

To improve their cash flow, many businesses turn to working capital solutions. This type of funding allows businesses to invest in new products or advertising campaigns that could lead to a higher revenue stream. It can also be used to cover seasonal fluctuations in demand.

There are many types of working capital solutions available, from traditional bank loans to specialized e-commerce lenders. Some of the key differences between the different options include credit impact, prepayment penalties, and repayment terms.

Some working capital solutions require a high credit score and personal collateral to qualify. Others use the business’s historical performance to determine the lending terms. Often, these options are more flexible than standard bank loans. However, it’s important to understand the risks of using these types of funds.

Founded in 2018, Steady Technologies provides residential property management companies with financial solutions. Its flagship product, Rent Advance, helps small rental owners by providing up to 12 months of upfront rental income. Its other offerings are aimed at reducing risk and eliminating bad debt. CEO John Higgins says the company has secured a $500 million facility with Waterfall Asset Management to accelerate growth.

Employees at Steady Capital Solutions earn an average annual salary of $52 per hour. The company offers a competitive list of benefits that includes medical, dental, vision, disability, life insurance, and 401(k). Presentation and prospecting skills are essential to this job. Those with these skills can expect to earn more than the average salary. The top job at Steady Capital Solutions is Senior Account Executive.

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