Shield Your Aura With Gemstone Bracelets

From cuffs and bangles to station bracelets and stacked strands, gemstone bracelets offer the perfect way to elevate your everyday style while adding meaning and enhancing personal wellness. From calming Howlite to energizing Labradorite, these beautiful and powerful gemstones are not only visually appealing but also hold specific spiritual powers that can be used to shield the wearer from negative energy and strengthen the protection of the aura.

Shielding ourselves from negative energies is a necessary part of our spiritual practice for many reasons. Negative energies can lead to imbalance, friction, and spiritual disconnection. Certain crystals, like selenite, citrine, unakite, and lapis lazuli have the power to repel negativity while bringing in positive energies and encouraging self-love, confidence, wisdom, and compassion.

Wearing a gemstone bracelet can help amplify the positive effects of your meditations and other healing practices by allowing you to focus on specific chakras and intentions with the physical weight and vibrational resonance of the stone adorning your wrist. Wearing a bracelet on your left wrist, for example, can allow you to consciously align the throat and crown chakras as you meditate or work towards manifestation, while wearing one on your right wrist can support healing of the heart by helping you tap into your intuition.

When choosing a gemstone bracelet, remember to start by thinking about the purpose of your choice. This will allow you to be more receptive to the crystals that call to you from your personal pharmacy and help you to make an informed decision on whether or not the stone will resonate with you. gemstone bracelets

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