Colour Kidz provides a comfortable, open and creative environment for kids to learn and grow. Every classroom is carefully designed to reflect the essential aspects of education required at each level of pre-schooling.

Some of the important areas of learning conducted through our sessions at Colour Kidz, regularly and annually:

  • Daily session plans designed for each class accordingly
  • E-learning in Smart classes with effective audio/visual aids
  • Communication and action skill development through interactive teaching methods
  • Team-building activities that improve bonding between students remarkably (Arts/ Crafts, Games and collective learning exercises)
  • Outdoor play area with special motor and sensory development tools (swimming/kiddies pool, sand box and clay play)
  • Behavioral- Emotional, personal and social development (Manners and Etiquette training)
  • Performance integration with dance, music and acting along with yoga (Postural and Body language development)
  • Concerts, Sports, Picnics and Dramatics (Celebration of special days and festivals)
  • Regular health/dental checkups and highest levels of hygiene are maintained throughout