Samsung Omni – More Than a Mere Gift

SA common question one faces in their life is “What do I get them for a gift”? Well the we have one answer right here. The Samsung Omnia is more than just a cellular phone. The Omnia is a versatile, stylish, and cool device that would make a great gift for any individual. It boasts the latest in all forms of technology, and has a number of cool features, that can adapt to any person, and life style. From the simplicity of its low profile, all black exterior, to its advanced functions as a Microsoft Office Suite access point it does not cease to impress consumers.

With a 12.5mm ultra slim body, one would be impressed to discover that it brings an 8GB internal storage system, and can also be outfitted with a 16GB external save point. This gives the Omnia the ability to house massive amounts of data, images, songs, or videos. It seems almost unfathomable that one would ever reach the maximum storage capacities found in the Omnia seeing as though it holds approximately up to 23 DVD quality films, 8,000 mp3 songs, and 12,000 5-megapixel images.

With such large storage capabilities it would be ideal to be able to sync the Samsung Omnia with ones computer to help in the housing, and transfer of work related information. This is made simple with the Windows Mobile 6.1 platform. The platform itself supports Microsoft Office Suite programs such as Word, Excel, and Outlook. With the ability to store, access, manipulate, and edit all sorts of documents, and emails, the phone serves almost as a laptop. These programs are easy to handle with the touch screen features of the Omnia, one does not get lost in the illogical pressing, of poorly laid out buttons. Having the Windows platform on the phone also leaves it open for other downloadable applications that have been, and will continue to be designed for the phone. Seeing as the Omnia supports DivX, Xvid, and Mp4 formats, there are virtually no limitations as to what to expect from future development of this phone.

One cannot forget about one of the most attractive features, the 5-mega pixel camera. While 5-megapixel is not the most powerful camera available, the 5-megapixel resolution is great, and it comes with many supporting features. Wide dynamic range, multi scene mode, video editor, and digital image stabilizer help the camera function superbly. The 3.2″ WQVGA LCD display also looks amazing. Using technology found in world recognized Samsung LCD televisions, the Omnia’s display depicts colors vividly, and offers enough resolution to pick up on every detail in the photo. The LCD display also features the ability to flip displays from vertical, to horizontal with the mere motion of the phone.

Omnia also features other functions not commonly found in cellular phones, a surprisingly fast internet connection makes personalizing your phone, and accessing all sorts of data run very smoothly. An onboard movie player, and GPS navigation system also help give the Omnia more functionality. Overall the Samsung Omnia is a great phone and can prove useful to any person, profession, and position in society. steve stratis

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