Psychedelic Mushroom Chocolate Bars

Psychedelic mushroom chocolate bars are a tasty way to enjoy the effects of magic mushrooms without risking your health. These bars are infused with the highly potent Psilocybin Cubensis mushroom extract, bringing you mind-bending experiences that will send your mind to a place far beyond your imagination!

These psychedelic chocolate bars can be microdosed to create the perfect dose and control your experience. They easily break into smaller pieces, making it simple to find your ideal dose and take control of your trip.

The high from these psilocybin chocolate bars is clean and sweet, and it can be consumed anytime. You can even have them while traveling to avoid the risks of flying, and they are a great way to keep your sanity on the road.

Our psychedelic mushroom chocolate bar contains four 750mg psilocybin mushrooms per bar!

These magical mushrooms will leave you feeling a blissful mental euphoria as well as heightened feelings of creativity and connection to your surroundings. They are also great for medical patients suffering from depression and anxiety, as they can improve mood and promote a sense of wellbeing.

You can feel the mystical, mind-altering effects of these edibles in as little as 20 minutes after consuming them! This is the time when you’ll notice a distortion of space and time, bright and beautiful colors, visual distortions, mystical experiences, and a rush of euphoria.

If you’re new to psychedelics, these psilocybin mushrooms will provide you with an easy-to-control psychedelic experience that is safe for beginners and experienced users alike. The effects of these mushrooms can last anywhere from three to eight hours, so you can get a good amount of euphoria while still staying under the legal limit!

A lot of people think that mushrooms only have a strong hallucinogenic effect, but the truth is that they can produce other profound effects as well. These include calming stress and anxiety, stimulating brain cell growth, and increasing focus. These benefits can be especially helpful for those who suffer from depression or anxiety and need to get out of their head for a while!

Besides having a relaxing euphoric effect, magic mushrooms can also reduce pain and inflammation in the body. They can also help you sleep better and increase your energy levels. They are also extremely effective at treating chronic fatigue, and they can aid in preventing depression and anxiety.

This psychedelic mushroom chocolate bar contains twelve pieces of chocolate, each weighing an average of 290 mg (3.5g total bar). The precise weight measurement lets you consume the exact right dosage of Psilocybin without the gritty taste that other edibles tend to have.

This psychedelic mushroom chocolate bar comes in an assortment of flavors, including Milk Chocolate, Dark Chocolate, Mint Chocolate, and Cookies and Cream. You can even choose a Strawberry Truffle for a truly decadent psychedelic treat

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