MBA – Accelerate Your Career

MBA is an advanced degree for students and professionals looking to boost their career. The world-famous diploma is highly valued by recruiters and teaches you how to solve real business issues through strategic thinking.

In addition to being a valuable addition to your CV, an mba is also an investment in yourself and can improve your job satisfaction. Research suggests that graduates of reputable MBA programs earn 19 percent more than direct-from-industry hires with a bachelor’s degree.

Many MBA programs require a significant amount of professional experience, so the curriculum is designed to challenge and expand your business skills. Programs often use a combination of classroom teaching, group work and simulated business scenarios to help you gain practical experience.

The curriculum of an MBA can include subjects like accounting, business economics, marketing, finance and strategy, as well as the necessary technical knowledge for your chosen industry. Some MBA programs offer specialized concentrations in specific fields, including IT management and HR management.

MBA programs are available both on campus and online. They’re typically full time and two years long, so you can learn while gaining work experience at the same time. These programs are popular with recent college graduates who want to accelerate their career or take a strong pivot in a new direction.

Most MBA programs are accredited by international bodies that certify their quality and value. The Association of MBAs oversees accreditation for many leading schools, while other organisations accredit particular courses, specializations or areas of the degree.

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