Making a Child’s Birthday Cake Should Get Personal

If you have children you know how important making the perfect child’s birthday cake is. We have all had birthdays that you remember what the cake looked like. The way a child feels about birthdays can be set early.

A child’s birthday cake can make them feel special. Using the favorite things as an idea can help you create the perfect cake. Children love knowing you considered them in the decision. So check what they are watching, drawing or playing. This is a great place to start.

Perhaps you have a kid that is big in sports. Why not get some miniature balls and decorate the cake around that theme.

You can easily make a football cake with a new miniature football and make a cake that looks like a football field. Then do a happy birthday on it and maybe even put a logo of their favorite team. You can use a cookie and put a paper print out on it. That way it doesn’t even have to be put directly on the cake. They will appreciate the idea of you knowing how important it is to them.

Another idea for a child’s birthday cake can be using animal cookies and icing them to make a zoo. Put the iced cookies on the cake and then make cages or fences around them. Maybe even stand them up and make a cake like a wagon. You can come up with lots of ideas.

What about a cake done up with their favorite candies. You might want to be careful about a sugar high. You can put M&Ms, gum drops, chocolate covered peanuts or what ever on it. Use the colors to make a neat design. A white cake with all red m&ms in a line and then all blue m&ms in another can be done up neat. You can see that a child’s birthday cake idea is pretty easy. brownie box

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