Kiddush Fountain – A Fun and Unique Way to Serve Wine

A kiddush fountain is a fun and unique way to serve wine (or other beverages) to your family and guests at a Shabbat or holiday meal. The central stand is topped by the large cup used to say the blessing over wine and is surrounded by a circle of 8 smaller cups. When you pour wine into the central cup, it flows down through cleverly concealed pipes to fill each of the small cups.

The result is a stunning and enjoyable experience for everyone at the table, especially children who love to watch the flow of liquid magic into their own little cups. It also helps create a sense of awe and delight at the mitzvah of sharing wine that has been blessed by the rabbi, a symbol of our connection to Jerusalem and the Jewish people throughout history.

Our handmade kiddush fountains, crafted in nickel or sterling silver, feature beautiful ornamentation such as images of Jerusalem and luscious grape designs and are made by Israel’s most beloved Judaica artists including Yair Emanuel and Nadav Art. They are fully functional, easy to use and a joy to enjoy week after week.

Although some will argue that it is not practical to purchase a fancy kiddush fountain because it can be broken and will eventually wear out, we strongly encourage you to think differently. This is a piece of Judaica that will be passed down through generations, and it is well worth the investment to buy something that is both beautiful and practical and will bring pleasure to the family table. kiddush fountain

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