Integral Conservatory Blinds – The Future of Conservatory Blinds Or a Fad?

The latest innovation from a number of conservatory suppliers are Integral Blinds. They are usually sold along with your conservatory as they are incorporated into the roof units during the construction phase. This means that integral blinds are only available as roof blinds… So it raises the question whether these are the future for conservatory blind installation or just a fad?

Choice of conservatory Blind?

How do you know which type of conservatory blind to choose from to complete the look of your conservatory? Choosing the right type will complete the look of your conservatory and give you that personalised design and complete finish.
There are a variety of bespoke conservatory blinds on the market today ranging from a choice of fabrics, styles and colours. Each has its own advantage, though a disadvantage with integral blinds is that they are only available in a limited range of fabrics and colours.Whilst, bespoke conservatory roof and window blinds are not only available in a number of styles and colours, but they can also be tailor made to accommodate your every need. Furthermore, if you have a particular colour scheme in mind, you can even colour match your roof and window blinds to compliment the design (on provision of a paint reference).

Integral blinds for life?
An Integral blind is assembled by permanently sealing it within the double glazing unit, the result of which is that they are there for the duration of the conservatory. Consequently you will need to be totally happy with your colour choice at the start as you will not be able to change these blinds in the future without considerable inconvenience and associated cost.

Roof or side blinds

If you opted to have integral blinds fitted during the construction of your conservatory, you will not have the option to include exactly matching side window blinds as integral blinds are only available as roof blinds..

Roof blinds can provide your conservatory some benefits, most importantly shielding your room from the sun, however, by opting to have roof and side window blinds fitted instead these benefits are increased::


  • You can Regulate temperature control and reduce glare. The sun’s rays can beat down during the summer period and when the heat gradually increases, the UV rays can come through the roof and windows of a glazed room. but With the addition of roof and window blinds (particularly those made from specialist fabrics) you can considerably control and regulate the temperature within the room.
  • Additionally these blinds provide privacy and protect your furnishings, plants and decor from the sun’s intense rays.With another benefit of providing privacy- your window blinds can keep prying eyes out of homes to make your conservatory that cosy and intimate space.


Controlling your Integral Blinds

Integral blinds come as rectangular panels split in into two panels and non-rectangular panels, both versions are fixed and therefore cannot be adjusted or retracted to allow light to come in and consequently offer a much more limited operation than normal roof and window blinds.

The alternative is to choose bespoke conservatory blinds that,whatever design or styleyou choose, are always fully retractable, allowing you to fully manage the level of light and shade within your conservatory. This is vital as it gives you that comfortable environment enabling you to to relax.

Motorized blinds
It is not possible to have motorization of Integral blinds as they can only be manually operated. This can be a chore if you have a number of roof blinds as it can be very time consuming opening or closing them. However you can easily control the shading and privacy in your conservatory with minimal fuss allowing you total flexibility by choosing bespoke roof and windown blinds.

Motorized blinds are usually recommended when: the conservatory has a number of blinds, thus making manual operation time consuming or for use with roof blinds as they would have to be pole operated, or the simple desire for the sheer convenience provided by motorized blinds.. conservatory roof replacement

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