How to Find a Home Caregiver Agency Near Me

Home care agencies offer vetted workers, often with training that goes beyond the minimum requirements. Agencies screen, verify credentials and handle payroll, insurance and taxes. They are also usually willing to quickly provide backup if the caregiver calls out sick or is not a good fit for your family. They also have experience handling concerns and complaints. However, agencies can be expensive and have fewer options for scheduling and flexibility than direct-hire caregivers.

Home health registries, sometimes called private-duty registries, connect families with independent home health workers. They charge a fee for their services and may have a list of workers who are available to match your needs. One advantage of a registry is the ability to find caregivers who speak a second language, share interests or have flexible schedules. However, you will be responsible for screening and verification, and will need to be ready to provide backup if the caregiver calls out or is not a good match.

You can also hire a private caregiver through a personal referral, or by searching the Internet. Consider your budget, what tasks you need help with and how long you can keep your loved one at home. It can take time for a caregiver and care receiver to establish a working relationship. Be patient and try to help the caregiver understand your loved one’s needs and habits. This will make it easier for them to accept the assistance of a stranger. caregiver agency near me

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