How To Choose The Correct Handgun Grip

Choosing the correct pistol grip is an extremely important aspect of owning – and using – a handgun. The correct handgun grip will improve the effectiveness and accuracy whenever shooting. Keep in mind,How To Choose The Correct Handgun Grip Articles a handgun grip should not be selected simply because it makes your gun better looking. Every handgun grip has a direct impact on shooting performance.

Selecting the Custom Grip
Each gun purchased is equipped with a stock grip. You can obtain custom grips when purchasing a handgun. This custom grip is designed to fit over the stock grip or to replace it altogether. The goal is to have the custom grip conform correctly to placement on the weapon as well as fit your hand perfectly. This will enhance your shooting performance.

Size Does Matter
A custom grip needs to be the right size to fit your personal needs. Keep in mind, the grip must also fit the weapon size. A small caliber handgun, for example a .32, cannot be fitted with a very large grip to simply suit a very large hand. The opposite is also true since a large caliber such as a .44 cannot accommodate a very small grip. The perfect grip has to be proportionate to the gun size to start.

Several Grip Materials Available

Custom grips are manufactured in a variety of materials. Almost every handgun enthusiast has seen an ivory grip. Some attractive and effective grips are made from exotic woods as well. Ivory can be very expensive. Some popular wood choices are Cocobola and Madagascar Rosewood. Although walnut is generally used for rifle stocks, it can make a great and effective handgun grip.

Less Expensive Grips May Qualify
Less expensive custom handgrips are manufactured using plastic or rubber. Although the feel might seem a little less quality than wood, they perform exceedingly well, minimizing the recoil effects. Although they may not have as luxurious an appearance as wood or ivory, there will be no loss in performance if choosing plastic or rubber.

Material Choice Determines Cost
Expect to pay anywhere from $25 to $100 for the correct handgun grip. The range in pricing will be dictated by the material chosen for a handgun grip. The primary goal when selecting any grip should be a focus on effectiveness and not how attractive it looks. Shooting performance is enhanced when choosing the best and correct grip that fits your hand and not just your personality. athletic grip socks

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