How to Choose the Best Call Center Wireless Headset

Call center headsets are a must for any business that handles customer calls. Whether it’s physical or virtual, these headsets can help eliminate distracting noise and background chatter. They also ensure that your employees can hear the voices of their callers clearly. In addition, they come with a range of features that make them more comfortable to wear for long periods of time.

When looking for the best call center wireless headset, you want to look for a model with active noise cancellation technology. It should have soft and comfortable ear cushions that can distribute pressure, and it should be easy to adjust for your head size. It should also have a long battery life to keep your agents working all day.

The Voyager Focus UC from Plantronics is an excellent choice for a stereo headset with noise cancelling. It has three microphones that can cancel ambient noise and pick up your agents voice, even in loud environments. It’s also equipped with a boom mic that swivels for optimal positioning and has a comfortable fit.

The Jabra Engage 40 is another good option for a mono headset. It has an impressive sound quality and simple controls that your agents will love. It also has HD voice clarity that makes it easier for callers to understand your agent’s voices. It’s also lightweight so your agents will be able to wear it for long periods of time. It connects to your phone via USB or a standard 3.5mm jack.

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