How to Build a YouTube Community

Building a YouTube community involves creating a group of loyal followers who interact with your content, share it, and promote your channel to others. But it doesn’t just stop there: your audience will also serve as your content barometer and focus group, helping you to create videos that appeal to them.

The best way to build a YouTube community is to post often and consistently. This will encourage your viewers to come back and engage with your content. This is true for both video and non-video posts.

One great idea is to use the Community tab, which allows you to post text updates, polls, images, and GIFs. This section is visible to both subscribers and passers-by, making it a powerful tool for engaging with your audience outside of your main channel. You can even use this section to mention other channels and users, allowing them to get a notification when they comment on your post.

In addition to posting text updates, you can use this section to share milestones and special moments from your channel. For example, you can highlight an important moment or achievement from your career, such as reaching 5K subscribers or 10K likes. This is a great way to celebrate your successes with your audience.

Another tip is to use this section to post behind-the-scenes pictures and updates. This will allow your audience to see a more casual side of you, which can make them feel more connected to you and your brand. You can also use the Community tab to post comments about your audience’s questions and opinions on specific topics, such as content ideas or product preferences. You can even respond to their comments by “hearting” them, which lets the viewer know you’ve read and appreciated their response. Retaining YouTube subscribers

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