GE Appliances Customer Service Review

GE Appliances is the name of a consumer electronics company that offers a wide range of household appliances. Some of these include refrigerators (bottom freezer, top freezer and wine hillers), cooking products (cooktops, wall ovens, warming drawers and range hoods), dishwashers and laundry appliances (washers, dryers and laundry centers). Many consumers enjoy using their GE Appliances and have reported satisfaction with the company’s customer service.

A GE Appliances customer service representative can help consumers with a variety of issues. These can include questions about products and orders, technical support and troubleshooting, billing issues, assisting with scheduling service under product warranties, and helping with returns or exchanges of products purchased directly through the company.

While a GE Appliances customer service representative can help customers with many issues, some problems are beyond their reach. In such cases, the company may refer the consumer to a certified technician for repair or replacement. Homeowners can find a GE Appliances certified technician through the GE Home Warranty website. The site allows homeowners to select their location and search for a technician by name or certification. Once the homeowner chooses a technician, the site provides contact information, a schedule and pricing for the service call.

The GE Appliances website also includes an FAQ page where consumers can get answers to common questions. In addition, the site has a link to a wiki where homeowners can share tips and tricks for repairing or maintaining their appliances.

There is a lot to love about the GE Appliances customer experience, but the company can improve on some of its processes. For example, some consumers have reported that it can be difficult to get a hold of a GE Appliances customer service agent when trying to resolve an issue. The company could also improve upon its eNPS score, which ranks it in the bottom 10% of its industry on Comparably.

The GE Appliances customer service team has made some changes to reduce the number of calls it receives and make it easier for its agents to resolve each one. This has reduced the average call handle time by 12%. Additionally, the company has improved its process for responding to emails and has reduced the amount of time it takes for a customer to be connected with an agent. Lastly, GE Appliances has implemented new tools to automate some of its work and allow its employees to focus on high-value tasks. This has led to increased productivity and a better overall experience for its customers. GE Appliances Customer Service

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