For a Good Workout, Choose a TKO Heavy Bag

TKO is one of the best know brands of boxing equipment in the world. The TKO heavy bag is no exception, offering a superior quality product at a competitive price. These hanging boxing bags are offered in different weights and are available constructed of different materials. To get good results from a boxing workout, a good quality bag is essential.

TKO has been making boxing bags for many years and has been an innovator from the beginning. They were the first to offer a high quality vinyl heavy bag. The bag offers the feel of leather without the maintenance of leather. It rivals the durability and will stand up to harsher conditions, such as an hot and humid workout center that lacks air conditioning.

For even more extreme conditions, TKO makes a heavy bag that is designed for both indoor and outdoor use. This heavy bag is constructed with an outer layer made of a waterproof material. It prevents water from getting into the bag and it can be used outdoors for many years without worrying about damaging the bag. This is a great solution for the person training at home but who does not have space for a heavy bag in the workout area.

For commercial purposes as well as purists, TKO does offer canvas and leather bags as well. Training on these types of bags have specific purposes. Canvas bags encourage the puncher to properly hit the exact middle of the bag, grazing the side of the bag can hurt, even with bag gloves on. Leather is still the preferred heavy bag choice for people practicing for mixed martial arts or street fighting where gloves will not be used.

TKO heavy bags are available in a range of weights. Lighter heavy bags weight a mere forty pounds but are perfect for adolescent and smaller adults to train on. For average adults, a sixty five to seventy pound bag is perfect and for heavy weights that are trained strikers, bags of over one hundred fifty pounds are available.

TKO uses a variety of fillings in their boxing bags to compensate for the preferences of their customers. Most are soft fill bags, having a lot of dense fibers that easily absorb impact. Other bags available include bags filled with sand, the most dense available bags, as well as hydrobags. These bags from TKO are designed to be filled with water and withstand years of abuse without leaking.

The choice of bag material is subjective. Sand filled bags are the classic but can feel more like punching a brick wall than sand at times. Water filled bags have become popular because they are denser than the fiber filled bags but absorb more of the impact; not to mention the fact that they are much less expensive to ship.

TKO is famous for their quality boxing bags as well as other boxing equipment. TKO heavy bags are no exception. The choices available are impressive and anyone can find the right TKO bag for them. MK bag on sale

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