Finding the Best Portable Pump

When it comes to finding the best portable pump, size matters. You want to choose a wearable that fits comfortably in your bra, allowing you to move around and get work done without disrupting your pumping sessions. You also want to consider how easy it is to take the wearable off and on to clean it between pumping sessions, as well as how quiet it is while wearing it.

The Haakaa was the top-rated portable pump in our testing, and is the lightest wearable on the market at just over a pound. This small pump has a lot of power, too, with the ability to program three memory settings and four different modes (stimulation, expression, and turbo). It operates using a closed system, making it hygienic and convenient. Its only drawback is that it’s not the quietest wearable pump.

Another option is the Medela Pump in Style Advanced, a double electric pump that’s designed to fit neatly into a black carryall tote that’s expertly designed to hold everything you need for a day of pumping. It has a powerful motor and uses Medela’s two-phase expression technology to mimic your natural breastfeeding patterns, helping you produce more milk in less time. Our testers loved how easy it was to clean this pump and noted that its suction is particularly strong compared to other Medela pumps.

A third option is the manual pump, which works by squeezing a lever to produce suction. Our testers really enjoyed how easy it was to use this pump and liked that it doesn’t require electricity or apps, so you can bring it with you anywhere. Just be sure to pack a spare battery for long trips or car rides, as this model can run out of juice quickly. best portable pump

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