Features of the Woom Air Kids Mountain Bike

The Woom Air is a high-end kids mountain bike that offers a plethora of features for an affordable price. This is a great option for parents who want to get their kid into the sport of cycling. It’s lightweight and durable, and offers all the necessary features for a fun ride in the woods or on the trail.

It’s Easy to Use

The woom Air is designed for children aged 6 to 14 years, which makes it the perfect choice for beginner riders who are learning how to balance and steer. This bike includes a low step-through frame, a long wheelbase, and air-filled tires for great grip and stability on the road or trail.

It’s Safe and Comfortable to Ride

The bike is built with a sturdy aluminum frame that won’t chip or splinter when your child is riding on it. It also has an adjustable steering limiter, a chain guard that will protect their clothing and shoes, and child-sized hand brake levers.

It Has a Quality Suspension Fork

The air fork on this bike is a head-and-shoulders above the forks on cheaper, inferior kids mountain bikes. It’s responsive, comfortable to ride, and has a lock-out function that helps prevent bumpiness when climbing and descending.

It’s Ready to Ride Right Out of the Box

The woom Air comes fully assembled with all the components needed for your child to get started on their first adventure. It also comes with a rear wheel hand brake that’s child-sized and easy for toddlers to use.

It’s Light and Durable

The Woom Air is made from an ultra-light, ultra-durable aluminum frame that enables your child to ride this bike for a lifetime without having to worry about it breaking. It is equipped with an air fork that can be adjusted and locked in place to dampen impacts when your child takes on tougher trails and climbs. It has a hydraulic disc brake and a 9-speed SRAM X5 rear derailleur to make riding this bike even more enjoyable.

It Has Wide and Knobby Tires With Lightweight Rims

The wide and knobby 1.35″ Schwalbe G-One Speed tires on this bike roll well on grass or hard-packed dirt, making it a comfortable ride on a variety of terrain. It’s equipped with a lightweight aluminum SOOPA-DOOPA-HOOPS rim for good handling and a nimble feel on the bike.

Its Handlebars Are Long and Wide

The handlebars on this bike are long and wide, which means that your child will be able to control the bike more easily. They also have a rounded stem that will help protect their knees, which is important because they’ll be using this bike for a lot of hours every week.

It Has a Quality Air Fork and Rebound Damping

The air fork on this bike is super responsive, which means that your child will be gliding with ease as they navigate tricky trails. It also has a rebound damping system that absorbs impact from the bike’s rough surfaces to reduce fatigue and increase confidence when your child is trying out a new trail.

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