Explosion Proof Actuator

ATEX, or potentially explosive atmospheres, are a safety concern for many industries. It is important to understand the risks and take the proper precautions when operating equipment in these environments. The ATEX (Europe) and CSA (Canada and North America) standards help in this process by using Zones to classify environments and Types of Protection to identify the methods used to prevent ignition.

Our explosion proof actuators are tested to rigorous UL and CSA standards to ensure they will not act as an ignition source in these conditions. They feature two auxiliary dry contact limit switches to confirm open and closed valve position as well as a thermostatically controlled anti-condensation heater to protect against damage from condensation. Wiring connections are made through two 1/2″ NPT threaded ports that can be sealed with Exp rated connectors or pipe.

The ATEX designation is a 5 section code that denotes the certification achieved by the product. The first part of the code is the notation for the Notified Body that conducted the testing and certification. The next part refers to the Environment, for example, Gas or Dust. Some devices may have a suffix that indicates both Gas and Dust environment. The last part of the code is the Protection Type which specifies how the device will be protected from ignition in these hazardous areas.

Hayward Flow Control is pleased to announce the addition of our HXB and C Series ATEX/IECEx certified quarter-turn electric actuators for use in hazardous locations. These new units are able to provide On/Off and Proportional control of both 2-10 Vdc and 4-20mA inputs/outputs. This expansion expands our ability to offer a complete line of ATEX/IECEx approved actuators in all size ranges. Explosion Proof Actuator ATEX

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