Everything You Need to Know About Online Moving Quotes

Getting online moving quotes can help reduce the stress of planning your move. But online movers differ in how they quote their services, which can make it difficult to compare prices. This article covers everything you need to know about online moving quotes, including factors that affect them, how to get accurate quotes, red flags to watch for, and tips to save money.

Online moving quotes are estimates of the cost of hiring a professional mover to pack and transport your belongings. They typically include the size and weight of your shipment, as well as any additional services you need, such as storage or specialty item handling. When requesting an online estimate, be sure to provide as much detail as possible to ensure the most accurate price.

Different moving companies have varying processes for quoting their services, but many offer an online form where you can input the details of your move and receive an instant ballpark estimate. A good mover will then follow up with an in-person survey of your home to take inventory of your items and better understand the scope of your move. This can be done either in person or through a virtual survey, such as using video-conferencing software. Having an in-home survey is important because it allows the mover to assess any additional services you may need or unique challenges they may encounter, like steep stairs or elevators.

The date of your move can also impact the price. Moving during peak season, which is typically in the summer months, can cost more than moving during the off-season. Other factors that influence the price of a move include distance and labor costs. A long-distance move will typically be more expensive than a local move, as the transportation and labor costs are greater. Depending on your move, you may also need to purchase extra insurance protection, which will add to the total cost of your move.

When requesting an online move quote, be sure to select the correct type of move. For example, if you’re moving an apartment, you may need to choose an hourly rate rather than a full-service option. An hourly rate is often used for local moves or small jobs that can be completed within a day. This type of quote is ideal for situations where you need a quick estimate or when you’re on a tight schedule.

If you’re unsure what type of quote to choose, go with the most trustworthy mover with the best reviews and ratings. This way, you’ll be more confident that the company will treat you fairly and won’t overcharge you.

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