Dog Dewormer Cancer Treatment

A popular dog dewormer is being touted as a cancer treatment in viral videos on TikTok and Facebook. The drug fenbendazole is approved by the FDA to rid animals of intestinal parasites. But the drug has not been tested in humans with cancer. It is not a cure for any kind of cancer, but it may help to boost the body’s ability to fight it, researchers say.

The new treatment targets a protein on the surface of T cells, the immune system’s foot soldiers that destroy tumors and other abnormalities. The drug activates a molecule called CD40, which is found on the specialized T cells that orchestrate overall immune responses. This may help T cells recognize and attack cancerous cells, researchers say.

Many pet owners who use this remedy also add other natural products to their regimen, including CBD oil and bioavailable curcumin (tumeric), as well as vitamin E. These supplements are believed to aid in the effectiveness of fenbendazole. The results have drawn skepticism from scientists and medical professionals, but some of the testimonials are so dramatic that even a few major scientific magazines have begun to report them.

If your pet has a mass that you think might be fibrosarcoma, a full examination is needed by your veterinarian to rule out other diseases. Your veterinarian will look at the mass with a microscope, and fine needle aspiration or tissue biopsy may be recommended to obtain a sample of tumor cells for microscopic evaluation. X-rays and CT scans can be helpful as well in diagnosing this type of tumor. dog dewormer cancer

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