Creating A Quality Pizza

More than 90% of Americans consume a slice each month, but do we get what we are looking for? What is it? Pizza, the industry that produces more than $30 billion on a yearly basis. So do you know if the slice of pizza your consuming is up to par?

Isn’t it what all pizza lover’s are looking for? A quality pizza! So let’s take a look at what makes a quality pizza. A quality pizza is a pizza that produces three unique qualities. First is appearance, if it doesn’t look good then how do you think it is going to taste? The appearance of a quality pizza should have correct topping distribution. This means toppings over the whole pizza, no center loading. Center loading is when the majority of your toppings are in the center of your pizza, this often results in a doughy pizza. Another aspect of correct toping distribution is the amount of toppings on the pizza. This means that the more pizza toppings you order, the less you get. It sounds harsh, but it really isn’t. Please read on and I’ll explain why.

The baking of the pizza is the second unique quality of pizza appearance. The bake of a pizza is vital, consumer’s aren’t looking for a doughy pizza or a pizza with a burnt appearance, consumer’s want their pizza baked just right! Here is a little insight on how they achieve the proper bake of a pizza. The bake of a pizza depends on a few things, proper bake time, temperature, and toppings. Pizza shops spend countless hours every year perfecting the correct bake time and temperature. Time and temperature should be checked on a regular basis because they always need an adjustment tweak here and there. The adjustments could be due to the in store temperature, weather, cleanliness of the oven or thickness of toppings. I believe the most important aspect of the bake is toppings! Every pizza topping has a proper amount that should be placed on a pizza, but when you order multiple toppings, it would be impossible to place that single topping amount on the pizza simply because it wouldn’t cook properly. To give you a visual, think about this: An order is placed for a pepperoni pizza and let’s say that the proper topping spec. for a 1 topping pepperoni pizza is 50 pepperonis. With the proper amount of pepperonis on that pizza, it would cook properly. Now lets say there is an order placed for a 4 topping pizza; pepperoni, sausage, onion, and mushrooms. If a pizza shop used the 1 topping spec for all 4 toppings, the pizza would be to thick to cook properly. The end result would either be a doughy pizza or a very well done pizza because the pizza shop would have to bake it longer to try and cook the pizza the whole way through. In order to have a proper bake on a 4 topping pizza, the pizza shop would need to cut back the topping amount around 20%.

The final aspect for the quality pizza, is the taste.

It’s want we all want, a great tasting pizza. We all have our favorite pizza shop that we order from. Why? Is it because it actually taste good or is it because of the appearance of the pizza? We are all unique and we all have our own taste and desires, but it may just be that physiological thing we also have. If you see a pizza that is perfectly created and appeals to your eye’s, most of the time it is going to taste good! That is why all pizza shop’s place a strong emphasis on appearance of their product. When it simply looks good, it’s going to taste good! Yes, it is true, there are many pizza shops that have a great tasting product, that may not look superb, and you know who they are! The decision is up to you, so let’s all grab some pizza coupons and call our favorite pizza shop for that 30 minute meal… pizza conneaut lake

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