Buy a Norcold Camper AC/DC Refrigerator in Your Trailer

Whether you’re an RVer, van camper or truck camper, having a fridge in your trailer can give you so much more freedom and control over your travel expenses. Instead of having to spend a fortune on overpriced snacks and drinks or those “filler meals” that can only be found at the fast food places you frequent, you can keep ingredients in your refrigerator to make your own meals at much more affordable costs.

NR751BB Black Refrigerator/Freezer by Norcold
The 2.7 cubic foot NR751BB is quiet, dependable and designed for years of reliable service in all mobile applications making it ideal for RVs, trucks, boats and vans. It uses a Danfoss BD micro-compressor, an energy-saving standby mode and is self-venting with integral venting eliminating the need for additional or external venting. This unit is also a 2-way fridge (uses either AC or DC power) if wired to do so.

The 3.3 cubic foot Norcold DE105 AC/DC refrigerator is designed for reliable performance in your RV. It features a quiet, hermetically-sealed Sawafuji 12V compressor that is dependable without disturbing noise in close quarters. It has easily accessible storage with adjustable and removable door bins and convenient large container storage. It’s easy to install, with no need for a mounting kit, and you can use your own door panel (not included). The white powder-coated shelves are durable and easy to clean. This refrigerator is a 1-year warranty unit. norcold camper ac

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