Button Head Cap Screw

A screw’s head design plays a crucial role in its performance and durability. Choosing the right head style is important to ensure that it provides the best fit for an application, is easy to drive and remove, and doesn’t catch on any other surfaces. Screws come in a variety of shapes and sizes, each with their own advantages and disadvantages for specific applications.

Button head socket cap screws are an alternative to traditional hex head screws and provide a more finished appearance and larger load-bearing surface than standard socket head caps. They also offer a lower profile and are ideal for tight spaces with limited clearance. This type of screw is often used in removable panels and is commonly found on machinery that requires close tolerances.

The button head socket cap screw features a low-domed head that’s slightly domed and flat across the top, which sits flush with the surface it’s fastened to. This creates a cleaner, more finished look for the application and prevents any protrusions that could catch on clothing or skin during use. The button head’s design also allows it to withstand more torque than a standard socket head, making it ideal for light-duty applications and clamping.

While they have the same overall dimensions as a hex head cap screw, button head socket cap screws have a more compact profile and can be driven with a standard hex wrench. This smaller profile makes them ideal for tight spaces, and the domed head distributes force more evenly than a standard screw’s hex head.

Hex head cap screws, which are commonly known as hex bolts, feature a hexagonal head and an externally threaded body. They are most often used in conjunction with a hex nut and washer to form a bolting assembly. Hex bolts allow for more torque than screws with a round head and are ideal for applications that require high strength and durability.

While hex bolts can be used in place of cap screws, they’re typically more expensive than their counterparts. However, the additional cost is worth it in many cases due to their superior strength and durability.

Socket head cap screws are an economical alternative to hex bolts for light-duty applications and are easily driven by a standard hex wrench. Their high tensile strength provides better shear and compression resistance than most other screw types, which helps to keep them from loosening over time. Metric & Multistandard offers both standard and button socket head cap screws, including a range of finishes like black oxide, stainless steel, and zinc. We can even produce custom screws to meet your exact specifications. Contact us today to learn more. button head cap screw

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