Button Head Cap Screw

Button Head Cap Screw
Also known as a dome screw, mushroom screw, cheese head or allen head screws, these fasteners offer a sleek and polished look for metal applications. The head is rounded and free from any pointed edges to prevent injuries or catch clothing or fabrics. These threaded fasteners have a flat top that can be countersunk to sit flush with the surface it’s being installed into. They are commonly used for a clean appearance in security applications where tamper-protection is important.

These screws have a wide load bearing surface that helps them resist loosening. The rounded head provides a finished appearance and is easier to grip with a wrench, but they are not as strong as socket head capscrews or flathead cap screws.

They are best suited for use in areas where the head can be concealed such as under a panel, or when clearance is limited. They can generate a compressive load which is opposite to the tensile load created by bolts and most other screws, so are not recommended for use in extreme conditions.

Accu stocks a variety of sizes in both imperial and metric. Choose the head shape, material, and drive type in our EZ Screw Builder to create the perfect screw for your application. These fasteners are available in a range of finishes and can be cut to custom lengths. If you need help choosing the right size or finish, our technical team are happy to assist. Button Head Cap Screw

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