Basic Understanding of Social Networking and Social Network Platforms

I have been almost 10 years now working from home on the internet full time within internet marketing and one of the things I have done is looked around at other internet entrepreneurs to see that on a daily basis social networking has fast become a very important part of their daily plan of action. One of the reasons being is because they all have a desire to attract new prospects, clients and customers for their business or opportunity. Some are also looking for new employment and then of course you have a large percentage of the population who simply use social networking as a platform to keep in contact with existing friends whilst locating old contacts as well.

One of the reasons that we have been focused to become more pro-active in our business life is due to the most recent economic downturn. The current situation does not matter because it is still a buyers market where that buyers market is in Internet Marketing, the job market and even business in general. In order to succeed you have to be noticed and in order to be noticed you have be pro-active. The above statement is extremely true within social networking.

However one of the key aspects to remember is that not every single social network website is equal to the other. Each and every social networking website has certain features and functionalities that you will need to get to know in order to gain the most from them and utitlise them properly. I do not suggest for a moment that you use many different social networking websites and it is for that reason I use 5 social networking websites to share my skills, services and business with other internet marketing entrepreneurs. My main goal is to keep my profile standing out so that other internet marketing entrepreneurs and people in general keep it in their mind therefore on their shortlist when they require services in my area of expertise.

Below you will find the social networking websites I use and detailed information to use those social networking websites effectively.

The first social networking website I will share with you today is Plaxo which has an approach that many considre to be very similar to LinkedIn. Plaxo is very much designed to allow you to exchange current status information about each member and of course yourself therefore a lot like twitter. With Plaxo there is not a concept of connection levels which means you are either connected to someone or you are not. I do like the Plaxo integration tools in particular as I consider them very easy to use and professional.

When it comes to Ecademy this is a social networking website that I use every single day or every week. I love the Ecademy impressive SEO feature as this will get you onto the Google index map in absolutely no time at all. If you take the task to create a Google alert with your name along with your profile on Ecademy then you will see just how very fast Google places you into their Index.

In the beginning I was using Ecademy for SEO purposes and of course expanding my network. Then I quickly realised that the very best way to use Ecademy it to quite simply connect with as many like minded entrepreneurs as you8 possibly can which then keeps your profile on the top of the members list and of course Google index. I would also say that if you work Ecademy properly then it will product professional connections that will expand your business activities in a lucrative manner. They have a great presence in the UK, Europe and the USA.

When it comes to LinkedIn they really are one of the very good social networking sites as many business professionals are members of LinkedIn and they also use it on a daily basis allowing them to remain in contact with their business contacts. The main concept of LinkedIn is to network both with existing and new contacts and this is a concept that works extremely well allowing you to extend your network while maintaining a solid business relationship.

When using LinkedIn the key to real success is of course to be very active within the community. Some great ways to be active are to ask questions, provide answers to the questions of others, join groups, update your status and of course join groups where you can then have discussions.

Another social networking community is Naymz and this is proven to be a very successful networking platform. What you need to do to become a successful Naymz networker is simply take your time to review each and every contact as it is important that for each contact you provide an assessment. Other people will give you their assessment anonymously and this counts towards your reputation because the higher your RepScore then the higher your Naymz reputation will be and of course you will then be more successful. The last feature that is important is the way in which Naymz will monitor the internet for any mention of your name where it will then provide you with the details for you to review which means you can maintain your reputation online simply by being aware of any potential harmful information. Best SMM Panel

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