Arkansas – The Natural State

Welcome to the center of outdoorsman heaven. How much more can an outdoorsman want than what Arkansas has to offer? We call it the Natural State. This is where you can hunt and fish from one end of the state to the other and still have land left over to explore. Whether you are white tail deer hunting in the Ouachita’s or wild turkey hunting in the Ozarks, we have been blessed with bountiful numbers of all kinds of wildlife in this state. One can hunt the national forest ranges running through our state for the beautiful Black Bear. You can head for the Arkansas delta country and experience world-class duck hunting, definitely the best in the world. We have a new jewel in our precious wildlife collection here in Arkansas. That would be the American elk. The elk heards around Harrison are thriving at a progressive rate. I have hunted quail, woodcock and dove in the natural state. Some of my best memories of wild turkey hunting occurred right here in Arkansas. We have our share of bobcats, cougars and coyotes in this state. I have never seen so many wild hogs in one state. They are everywhere and tear up everything. The first time I ever saw Beagles work rabbits and circle them in front of a hunter was right here in the river valley. I had my first taste of squirrel dumplings in Conway. If you like to hunt Canadian, Snow or Speckled-Belly geese; you will find a lot of them right here in Arkansas. There is a furry four legged animal that wears a mask and has rings on his tail. We know as the raccoon. I have met a slew of coon hunters since moving here. Turns out these guys are serious about their sport. They have some sophisticated electronics that would rival any professional fisherman’s gear.

When hunting season is over don’t plan on getting some rest. It’s time to grab that fishing rod and head out to our world renowned rivers and lakes. You will find me on the Buffalo, Little Red or White rivers trout fishing in February. For a fun time, you can float the Mulberry River in early spring and catch some Smallmouth Bass. Those Smallmouths can give you quite the fight. The Walleye should be running up at Beaver Lake in March and April. If you want to experience a fight with a freshwater fish like no other, head to Beaver or Ouachita Lake for exciting time fishing for those striped bass. Arkansas is famous for its Crappie fishing. Just about any part of this state will yield good crappie for you. Whether it is live bait or a good ole red and yellow jig, the crappie will be waiting for you. If sport fishing for black bass is your thing, then you live in the perfect place. Not only can you fish for those bass, you can also fish in some pretty neat tournaments in the area. Bud light customer service

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