Advantages of Cloud Services

The term “cloud” in cloud services is used as an abstract. It refers to the internet as a network. Traditionally, cloud based services are used on an individual level. General purposes include sharing information of more private nature such as pictures. Now, cloud computing is gradually becoming more and more popular amongst businesses looking to backup important data. It is possible to get access to hardware and software components through cloud services from anywhere around the world.

Cloud services offered by Data Center operators are one of the very best in the industry.They help a business to centralize its operations as access is provided through a secure portal.Inherently, a Data Center is responsible for providing an operating system. With most colocation facilities, the client is responsible for managing cloud servers.

Lets examine Cloud Storage vs. standard storage.

Most businesses use common storage and backup devices. These also include backup tapes. They are quite economical in nature. But problems arise when the factor of speed is considered. Up time and downtime on tapes is extremely slow as compared to other devices. Additionally, there is the problem of re-copying every time backup is performed.

Another form of backup and storage are disks. These come in the form of hard drives, USB and memory cards. Disks don’t have the problem of up time and downtime speed. However, they don’t provide ultimate data security. Any electrical or mechanical failure on these devices will mean total loss of data. Some information is just too important to be left to such risk.

Cloud storage on the other hand provides users with a service, not a piece of hardware. This alleviates all the headaches that come with managing and maintaining this equipment. It also ensures that the service provider is responsible for making your data accessible at all times.

This is where data centers really come into play. With cloud colocation services, businesses can be sure of security of data plus the speed of storage and recovery. Outsourcing in this case achieves great tactical advantage. A Data Center cloud service program can be considered a backup to traditional solutions. Rather than being a sole solution, it can form a part of a tier of solutions. It has the speed of disks based solutions. But it also has the added advantage of providing a secure data backup resource even in case of a natural disaster. Hurricanes are a common problem within the United States. Therefore, even small businesses need extra protection from such natural disasters. Cloud hosting navigates around this problem and provides business owners with a sense of security. A Data Center maintains the integrity of information stored and its speedy recovery anytime of the year with cloud hosting solutions. This is achieved through a completely redundant power and Internet Infrastructure ready to cope with power outages. Data Center Facilities are built to withstand natural or man-made disasters such as fires. They ensure complete system and network security. backup and disaster recovery solutions

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