Achieve a Custom Closet Look Without Breaking the Bank

While the thought of having a custom closet may seem like a luxury only reserved for those with expensive tastes, the truth is that it’s actually a cost-effective and valuable upgrade to any home. By strategically evaluating spaces, decluttering, incorporating DIY projects and exploring budget-friendly options, it’s possible to achieve a custom look without breaking the bank.

Closet cabinets offer a more finished look than freestanding wardrobes or standalone dresser furniture. They’re also designed to integrate into a room, with door and drawer fronts available in a variety of designs that can complement any style. In addition, you can find a variety of hardware options and finishes to create the perfect aesthetic.

The biggest reason to consider a wardrobe closet is the space-saving benefits they provide. They’re often built into a room rather than standing freestanding, which allows them to use more of the ceiling space than reach-in closets. They can also include multiple lengths of hanging sections, shelving for folded clothing, shoe storage and hamper space.

When choosing a wardrobe closet, be sure to factor in the size of your clothing collection and any accessories you may want to store. This will help you determine how many hangers, shelves and other storage solutions you need. It’s also helpful to sketch out a layout of your new closet to help you visualize the overall design and make sure all your components will fit. custom wardrobe closet

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