About Us – Colour Kidz Pre-School

Colour Kidz Pre-School is a venture by the Shreepurva Multipurpose Education Society of Nagpur. This is an enterprising initiative which is focused on imparting global quality education to little kids for their holistic development.


Director’s Message

Dr. (Mrs.) Trishala Dhemre


“It had always been my dream to start a Pre-School for kids. Having observed kids right from their stepping into the world to watching them grow up, the tender age of 3 to 6 years old is when kids have the most receptive and impressionable minds. The need for a creative, innovative and effective educational system in these formative years led me into starting Colour Kidz Pre-School – A new generation creative pre-school.

The Pre-school has been designed to ensure that every child studying in the school is well nurtured and aided with the right atmosphere to compliment and heighten the joy of learning. We focus on teaching using the effective Montessori High Scope Methodology which aims at imparting an educational experience that engages the child completely in the process of learning. Our highly-experienced teachers use unique teaching techniques and share a common passion for quality education for kids.

Apart from this, it will be our constant endeavor to pay special attention to the Sensory & Motor skills and Behavioral development of the child which is absolutely crucial at this stage.

Simply speaking, our school is aimed at providing international quality of fundamental education to kids so that they can easily transition into the future years of higher learning with brighter minds. At Colour Kidz Pre-School we realize that every kid is unique in their own manner and we intend to bring out their unique and beautifully talented colours out.”

Our Vision

To impart quality education and build a learning environment that nurtures and develops every child’s unique and imaginative potential to the maximum. We as a responsible institution aspire to carve out the best opportunities for children, transform them into capable and confident individuals and promise them constructive years of schooling ahead ( ICSE/CBSE/State). We envision bestowing upon every child to believe in the ability to make the world a better place through the power of education.

Our Mission

At Colour Kidz we have set out to improve the quality of education while making it more innovative and effective for kids so their individual talents and skills are recognized and enhanced.